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Community initiative sees the best of Bridlington visible to millions of shopping centre visitors

Bridlington’s busiest retail destination has officially launched a set of banners in the centre – featuring the best of Bridlington and surrounding areas seen through the lens of some of the region’s best amateur photographers.

The Promenades Shopping Centre has unveiled the new banners, which features Bridlington Harbour, North Sands, Sewerby Gardens and the famous Gansey Girl statue. The photos were taken by Aaron Morris, Janet Buckle, Trevor Hedges and Mike Barnard respectively, who all entered their submissions to a photography competition by the Centre.

Promenades Shopping Centre saw more than 60 entries for the competition, with the public choosing from more than a dozen finalist entries.

Maria Kamper, Centre Manager for Promenades Shopping Centre, said: “We designed the banner competition to give local photographers the opportunity to not only showcase their brilliant work, but also to highlight the fantastic sights we have in the region.

“We want both local people and tourists to see how beautiful Bridlington and East Yorkshire is and our winning photographers have captured some stunning photography to show this. We are a shopping centre with the community at heart – our focuses are on providing a fantastic shopping experience in the heart of Bridlington’s town centre, but also to provide a place that benefits the community as well.

“We are delighted with the response of the Bridlington photographers who submitted their entries and we are really pleased with the resulting banners.”

The banners will be displayed in the centre for a number of years and have been installed ahead of the busy summer months, in which thousands of tourists visit the seaside resort destination.

Aaron Morris, one of the winning photographers, said: “I’m honoured to be a winner in this competition and have my photography displayed to everyone who passes through Promenades Shopping Centre.

“This competition has inspired me to take my interest in photography further – it is something that interests me greatly.”

The banners are available to see by visiting Promenades Shopping Centre. Finalist entries are also visible on the Promenades website – www.promenadesshoppingcentre.co.uk

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