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EPA 2019 Nominations Now Open

Nominate a local Bridlington hero today

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for all the fantastic work they do to make our community great? You do? Great, because The Promenades Extraordinary People Awards nominations are now open and we need your suggestions!

Entering its fourth year, the popular initiative celebrates all the fantastic people and hard work happening around Bridlington that makes our town and community one to be proud of.

There are nine categories in all, which cover every aspect of community life and recognise the contribution by people in the local community and projects which deserve special recognition. The award nominations are made by members of the public, with a judging panel deciding the winners.

Everyone shortlisted for an award will be invited to a glamourous awards ceremony, filled with first class entertainment and fine dining at non-other than Bridlington’s renowned theatre, The Spa.

You can nominate as many people as you like, all you need to do is fill in one of these forms for each person. Why don’t you print some copies of the form out and give them to your local community groups, shops, schools, anyone who will take them and encourage them to fill some in and hand them back in to the centre when they are next passing. Click here to download the printable form or go ahead and fill one straight in online below.

The Promenades Extraordinary People Awards Categories;

  1. Spirit of Youth Award
    For young people aged 18 and under, to be awarded for showing the best positive example to peers, their school or town general. This could be through helping others, overcoming an adversity or facing up with courage to life’s hardships and challenges.

    2. Charity Fundraiser of the Year
    This group or organisation need not necessarily have raised the most cash but will be judged on innovative fundraising methods and the personal effort involved.
  2. Volunteer of the Year Award
    Could be an individual person or a team of people, a charity itself or a workplace who have selflessly volunteered to help a person or people whether it be for charity or just to help those less fortunate and in need.

  3. Coastal Hero Award
    Could be an individual or team of people, who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the sustainability of our coast, its industry and keeping people safe in our waters.

    5. The Community Local Hero Award
    This award is for someone who strives to make their community a better place. Putting everyone before themselves. A true shining beacon in the area who could be an individual person who works or volunteers and goes that extra mile to help a group or someone in the local community.

    6. Shaping the Future Awards
    For an education provider (nursery, school, college) or a community group (e.g. youth clubs, sea cadets, scouts etc.) which has had a positive impact on its pupils / members and the wider community.

    7. Business, Tourism and Arts Award
    This award is a true celebration of the wonderful cross section of businesses, tourism and arts we have in Bridlington and recognises those organisations that deliver exceptional service as par for the course.
  4. Carer of the Year
    This award will go to an exceptional person, whether they are a member of staff, a relative, resident or a volunteer who has gone above and beyond and made a real difference to someone they care for. It could be a charitable achievement or making life better for residents and relatives.
  5. Teacher of the Year
    This award is to celebrate a local teacher whether in primary or secondary education who goes above and beyond to provide outstanding education to their pupils.

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